04.07.2020 - 26.07.2020

The Inkiri Youth Festival is an immersion program for young people from 18 to 28 years old who want to contribute to the transformation in the world, starting by promoting change within themselves. 

These 3 weeks immersion will take place in the Inkiri University campus located in Inkiri Piracanga Ecovillage, one of the largest ecovillages/communities in Brazil. Located in front of the river and the sea, this place is a great laboratory for transformation, with more than 20 projects dedicated to Nature, Education, Arts, Community, Vegan Food, Self-knowledge and Spirituality. Click here to Get to Know Inkiri Piracanga.

You will board an adventure, surrounded by the amazing landscape of Bahia in the Northeast of Brasil!  

The immersion will be taken in English and in Portuguese!

The Inkiri Youth Festival has three pillars: self knowledge, the world, my action

1st pillar| Self Knowledge

The focus will be on investigation and self-knowledge. Together we will discover our strengths, qualities and what inspires us. We will also get to know each other better and build a connection, thus forming a community where everyone will support one another and dream together while appreciating and valuing the best each has to offer. To support this process, the following courses will be included:

  • Rose Meditation Course| 
  • Non Violent Communication Introduction|
  • Reiki I |
  • Daily activities with Uni facilitators

2nd pillar| the world

After a deep internal dive, looking at the world is rediscovering it! We understand that self-knowledge is the first step to change anything. I investigate myself, I understand myself, I accept myself so that I can investigate, understand and  surround me. So, one step at a time, we become a change we want to see in the world! To explore the reality in which we live, both on a micro and macro scale, we use documentaries, experiences, lectures, workshops and field visits. From global warming to the garbage I generate when I consume something, from wars that destroy and hurt to relationship challenges in community life: everything can be looked at from new perspectives!

3rd pillar| My action

During the third week there will be for creation and innovation. We will be drawing, planning and prioritizing our dreams. Using tools of the Art of Hosting and Dragon Dreaming, we will be stimulated to create an individual or collective project. We will dive deeply into our own purposes to awaken our dreams and experiment with our gifts and talents.








  • 10x BRL$ 308 (credit card payment) or BRL$2,800.00 (payment slip)  for the three weeks of Festival 


  • 10x BRL$ 338,8 (credit card payment) or BRL$3,080.00 (payment slip)  for the three weeks of Festival 

This fee includes:

  • Accommodation in double or single rooms at the the Uni Viva campus or at Casa Floresta, in Piracanga
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Courses, workshops, lectures and experiences included in the program
  • Transport Itacaré – Piracanga / Piracanga – Itacaré
  • Facilitation for the entire process
  • House cleaning supplies, toilet paper, gas for stoves and showers
  • Solid waste management fee
  • Ecological Footprint Fee: By participating in the program, you also contribute to offset CO² emissions in nature by paying a mandatory fee of R $ 15. This is a beautiful way to be part of the cycle of sustainable actions that we carry out here. Know more.

The above fees do NOT include:

  • Transport Ihéus – Itacaré / Itacaré – Ilhéus (to book your transport, click here)
  • Personal hygiene products. At the Plante! Store, you can purchase your products 100% biodegradable
  • Other personal expenses, such as snacks between meals or non-food items
  • Travel and group expenses



Data de chegada e saída

Devido à nossa localização, você precisa se organizar para chegar no dia XX e sair no dia YY. Assim você não perde nenhuma das atividades. Se quiser aproveitar mais, pode pedir diárias extras tanto antes como depois.

Ficou com alguma dúvida antes de fazer a sua reserva? Entre em contato com a gente por WhatsApp clicando aqui.