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Less than three months after starting a sabbatical in early 2017, systems consultant Rosemeire Ruiz de Oliveira was thrilled to see how that pause in her stress and work routine was instrumental in defining the purpose of her life. In a wheel of sharing the Imkiri Service School immersion program in Piracanga, she announced to her companions: “I decided to break. Now I have clarity that I do not want the life I lead. I realized that my profession is no longer in line with my values. I’m going to re-signify this. “


Uma das atividades de Rose na Escola de Serviço Inkiri foi no Centro de Permacultura, junto à natureza

Rose arrived at Inkiri Piracanga for precisely seeing the place as a gateway to experiences of ecological, communal and spiritual awareness. “He wanted to try me out in new situations. I lived alone in a two-room apartment in the Avenida Berrini (noble area of São Paulo) and felt the call to live in nature, to prove community life in a house shared by 11 people, without a refrigerator, “he recalls. During the Service School, Rose was able to express her gifts and talents at the Permaculture Center, the Atelier and the IT department of the Inkiri Center, where she awakened to the resignification of her professional life.

What is the sabbatical period?

The term “sabbatical year” comes from the word “Sabbath,” a Jewish term that defines the time between Friday and Saturday and has the meaning of “stop” or “cease.” For the Jews, this is a religious time of rest, of pause. It was from this sense that the “sabbatical period” arose, but with a broader meaning.

Living an experience with the Inkiri Piracanga Community has become increasingly common in the sabbatical programming of many people. So we decided to do this matter. Whether as a starting point or as a final destination, experiences here often give more clarity about yourself and your life choices. For Pedro Camilo, guardian of the Communication of the Community, this phenomenon is not by chance.

“For some time the sabbatical was associated with enjoying life, traveling a lot, doing everything you could not do in your ‘normal’ life, with the dual view that either you live happy or you work. People are seeking the meaning of life and wanting to integrate the realization in their daily life.That is how the sabbatical period began to cease to be an escape from life to be an opportunity just to be able to return to life itself “

With this, the various experiences that people can take part in Inkiri Piracanga, whether short Courses and Retreats or Immersion Programs (1 to 2 months), end up putting some tools in the participant’s “luggage”, such as meditation, Reiki, practical experience in different projects, reading aura, sharing, lectures, workshops, satsangs, and the experience of community life itself.

“The Sabbath experience enables the person to have a deeper contact with himself and find his truths. By opening up to other life forms, she broadens her mind map and begins to understand other perspectives, “explains Rose.

Coming out of automatic, living with more awareness

Life in Inkiri Piracanga allowed Rose to break with the sense of separation

Life in Inkiri Piracanga allowed Rose to bring awareness to a strong and direct connection between inner and outer, breaking away from the feeling of “living in the automatic” and the separation between us and the world. “In the city, I go to the market and buy a chicken on a styrofoam tray and after playing game the tray in the trash. It’s as if the cycle started in the market and ended up in the trash. This is an illusion. Deep down we know the whole process goes way beyond that, but we do not want to look at it, “says Rose.

“In Inkiri Piracanga I felt truly inserted in the complete cycle as part of a complex system. Here you do not get rid of the problem by discarding it, you need to dedicate energy, you have to look at it, understand how it works and integrate consciously. You separate the waste and give the correct destination so that they can continue to be part of this cycle, “he exemplifies.

They are in seemingly minor situations like discarding the garbage that, according to Rose, great transformations happen during a sabbatical period. “In this way, you begin to tinker with the causes of the problems and begin to change them. You live the process as a whole and not just as a fragment. You are a conscious part of the cycle and it changes your life values, it changes what you truly believe in, “he says. As you return to your routine, you come back with an enlarged view and realize better what your role is in the face of the world’s needs.

The first steps before the journey

At the beginning of your journey you will need to be clear about the steps you want to take. Typically, the work of self-knowledge begins even before your sabbatical:

Evaluate your main motivations and personal values
Understand where you are and where you want to go with a sabbatical
Get out of the field of reverie and projections and align yourself with reality
Observe the beliefs that limit you
Opens for opportunities to meet the new
Enter the practical field and plan yourself, including financially

You have to be practical enough to make a move like this. It’s no use throwing it all up thinking that running away from problems or stress will be the solution to your problems. So it’s important to take a deep breath and take one step at a time.

Should I include Inkiri Piracanga on my sabbatical?

The scenery is truly paradisiac: Bahia, houses with piaçava roof, a river that runs parallel to the sea, coconut trees, nets, forest, lots of ecological awareness, holistic therapies and circular dances. But those who come here in search of a vacation club in paradise end up getting frustrated quickly. Pedro says that it is important before planning to come here, that the traveler investigates if that is what he is looking for.

“The matrix in Inkiri Piracanga is very strong, whether we look only at the cultural aspect, or more broadly at subtler planes. It is a matrix that is directed at self-knowledge and transformation, so everything we do not want to look at comes to us. The positive point is that those who are ready to develop and willing to take responsibility for everything that happens in their life end up gaining tools and clarity on how to deal with adversity. Wonderful scenery tends to make the experience much more enjoyable. ”

Pedro also explains that the experience is very unique for each participant, does not have a formula ready. “What happens here is a strong re-signification of many concepts.It does not mean that the person will change everything in her life.Some yes, because they end up discovering that they were not living what they should.Other end up returning to their ‘normal’ , Without changing almost anything, except the look on what lives. And experience goes on in each other’s lives. To pass through here is not a happy ending, but an inspiring and transforming period to see life as a great journey In search of himself. ”

Inkiri Community

This text was written by the Inkiri Piracanga Community. With more than 20 projects, we are dedicated to transforming our relationship with nature, education, food, arts and society. We have the principles of self-knowledge and spirituality in practice. This includes a lot of inner work and stuff. Located in Ecoville Piracanga, in Bahia (Brazil), our community acts so that the nature of Love and Truth of the Human Being can be manifested, inspiring about 2,000 visitors that we receive annually from various parts of the world. Learn how to visit us.Saiba como nos visitar.

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