Money. What do you feel when you read that word? Are feelings closer to fear, anguish, insecurity or freedom, happiness and trust? Understanding how we relate to money can be an intense process of personal healing and also the key to moving from scarcity toward abundance. These changes only occur through actions of re-signification and understanding of our limitations, our values and modes of expression here in life.

The therapist and facilitator of Inkiri Piracanga’s Reality and Money Creation course, Celeste Chiarotti, explains that one of our main money blocks begins with understanding what this exchange tool means.

“Money is one of our strongest energies of materialization, fulfillment. What we need to note is that it is a neutral but malleable energy, “says Celeste. “It’s a role that indicates the amount of materializing energy you have. If you do not have the sufficient amount of energy you need to manifest or materialize what you want, it means that somehow you are limiting yourself as being a creator that is, “she adds.

“We are all materializing beings. If money is a manifestation energy, we need to have a fluid relationship with it, “says Celeste.


According to the therapist, three major mental programs support our negative relationship with money: Fear of scarcity; Money as suffering; And “Dirty Money”.

The “fear of scarcity” is noticed in thoughts like “my money will end” or “need to accumulate”. Already “money as suffering” is linked to the feelings of “making money is hard” or “I have to work hard, work with what I do not like to have money.” The third “dirty money” program features such standards as “Only a lot of money is corrupt” or “money corrupts people.”



The therapist explains that identifying these limiting beliefs can be decisive as to the way money manifests itself in your life. For you to observe them, Celeste indicates three ways of action and self-observation.


For Celeste, giving is the main way to heal your limitations in relation to money and actually see where you are. “As you begin to give, you open a door to receive. You put the law of action and reaction into action. It’s like allowing a flow of energy that was stagnant, you know? Thus begins the healing process, “he says.

“On the other hand, if you can not give, you have the opportunity to observe this ‘not being able to’. This blockage can show you traumas and wounds that still need to be worked on in your life, “he says.


Another way to work out the relationship with money, according to the therapist, is to bring awareness to your choices and where you are directing your materializing energy. “It means asking yourself where your money is going, not making judgments, but just bringing clarity to get out of automatic,” he says.

“What are you choosing to sustain through this energy of manifestation which is money? What are you deciding to support and strengthen with these choices? Many of the choices we make on a day-to-day basis are not conscious. The fact that you start looking will make you see if this is what you really want, if it is for those points that you want to direct your materialization energy, “says Celeste.


The third way is to assess with what load the money comes to you. According to Celeste, this is related to our feelings and our sense of freedom and is another way of identifying and working our mental programs. “How does money come to you? Does it come in light, hot, fun ways? Or is he heavy, suffering, tiring? What causes him to have that burden on you? Ask yourself how much freedom you have to move that energy? “Suggests the therapist.


Examining these money-related issues makes it a supporter of our evolutionary process and allows us to better understand our illusion of separation from the Whole.

“The shortcomings that I can have as a human being will be tied to any kind of difficulty I can have with money. These limitations are somehow part of my sense of separation from my mission, which is also a separation from God, “he explains. “So looking at how we relate to money helps us see where we are in our evolutionary process. It’s a way of understanding pain points that are inside us, influencing our daily life, “concludes Celeste.

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