Innovation + Impact + Purpose = inkiriLAB

Join the creation of innovative solutions that change the world and help people live a better life. In inkiriLAB we connect gifts, talents, innovation and purpose to create new ways of solving worldwide problems.

What is it?


inkiriLAB is the innovation and social entrepreneurship program of the Inkiri Institute.

Here you are able to use your gifts and talents to develop creative solutions that will increase people’s quality of life and strengthen the world’s regeneration.

We use entrepreneurship, technology and creativity to empower people, communities and create a change in the world.

The inkiriLAB program has a duration of 1 to 3 months, where the participant will live in inkiri Piracanga, experience life in community and dedicate his or her own gifts and talents to the development of projects of social impact.

During the program you will:

  1. Experience how it is to live in inkiri Piracanga
  2. Dedicate 25h/week in the development of projects
  3. Live in a community house (without accommodation costs)
  4. Learn social entrepreneurship by practicing it
  5. Work side by side with other inkiriLAB members
  6. Create and have a lot of fun!
  7. Live a transformational experience

Our selection process is always open for new applications and there is no fixed beginning date. You can apply any time.

How can I join?

Our selection process is simple and takes only a few days:

  1. Apply here
  2. Online talk with inkiriLAB members
  3. Send of additional information 
  4. Selection result
  5. Start of the program with your arrival here in inkiri Piracanga

This process is important to guarantee that your stay will be really useful and enjoyable. Some of the analysed criteria are: if you are a good fit for our current projects, your abilities, past experiences and what motivates you to come here.

We are always open for new applications and you can apply right now.


Are there any costs?


There is no financial cost. The program works in an exchange:

  • Participant: dedicates 25 weekly hours, participates in the activities and meetings during the program
  • inkiriLAB: offers accomodation, internet and support during the program

The travel to inkiri Piracanga and meal costs are participant’s responsibility.

It is permitted and incentivised that the participants dedicate themselves to their personal projects when they are not working on the inkiriLAB projects. 

We need

If you have any of these skills, there is a big chance that you will be accepted!

  • Web Developer: frontend, backend, full stack (Python, JS, PHP, etc)
  • Web Designer: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, etc
  • Designer: Photoshop, Ilustrator, etc
  • APIs Integration
  • WordPress
  • SEO
  • AdWords
  • Social Media
  • Analytics
  • Growth Hackers
  • Google Suite
  • Content Creator
  • Video Maker
  • Project Manager
  • Translator (Portuguese to Enlgihs and Spanish)
  • Computer Networks Manager
  • Hardware
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Entrepreneur
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
  • Email Marketing: AB Testing, etc


We are acting on many fronts, where we find we can create the most impact: from social currencies, education with consciousness, digital inclusion to even development of entrepreneurs.

Cristal Network

Banking system for local economies: allows creating and managing a local currency in a community bank. Currently being used by the Inkiri Bank to manage millions of operations in inkiri$ every week.


Programa inkiriLAB

The program si also a project being transformed and developed, where we look to find new ways for the participants to enjoy to the fullest.



Online education platform to broadcast self-knowledge, life improvement techniques, well-being, lifestyle and to empower people.



It is not easy to guarantee a high quality and stable internet kilometers from the nearest city. To solve this, we created inkiriNET, our network and signal distribution project, which enables internet access for hundreds of people in the region.



Our selection process is simple and you will get a response from us in just a few days:

  1. Pre-Application: fill the form clicking on Apply Now
  2. Entrevista: online with inkiriLAB members
  3. Additional information
  4. Results: we will get in contact by email or whatsapp
  5. Start of the Program: with your arrival here at inkiri Piracanga

This process is important to guarantee that your stay will be really useful and enjoyable.

Some of the analysed criteria are:

  • If you are a good fit for our current projects
  • Your abilities
  • Past experiences
  • What motivates you to come here.