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The nearest town is Itacaré (40-50 minutes of unpaved and paved roads), but the nearest airport is Ilheus Airport, this is the one you should select when booking your flight.

Since we are located at a hard-to-reach area, we advise you to arrive using our transport service. Therefore, we kindly ask you to book at least 2 days in advance. We have transport with fixed departure times, but you you can also check the possibility of booking an exclusive transport.

The amounts can be paid in 6 installments on credit card or paid with a 5% cash discount via “boleto” – direct payment.


  • Ilhéus Airport – Inkiri Piracanga: the car leaves at 2:30 p.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Inkiri Piracanga – Ilhéus Airport: the car leaves at 8am and 11:30 am

Value: R$ 150 per person/per way

Meeting point: Ilheus Airport, at the arrivals area

Estimated time: 3 hours

Recommendations: bring water, something to eat, a book to entertain yourself while waiting and a nice topic to chat about on the way.


  • Itacaré – Inkiri Piracanga: the car leaves at 4pm and 6:30 p.m.
  • Inkiri Piracanga – Itacaré: the car leaves at 8 a.m. and 11:30 p.m.

Value: R$ 50 per person / per way
Meeting point: in front of Smart Supermarket
Recommendation: Itacaré has some nice little shops and places to eat. Have a stroll around the city and you won’t feel time passing.


Depending on the cars availability and schedules to Ilhéus or Itacaré, we can stop at Serra Grande or Caubi to pick you up or to drop you!
Caubi: R$ 30 per person
Serra Grande: R$ 100 per person



If you can’t adapt to the collective transport departure times, you can request an exclusive car. Check our prices contacting us via e-mail.

Contact – Transport Inkiri

If you have any specific transport questions or need help, you can contact us directly through the following e-mail:

Location of the Inkiri Piracanga Center

The nearest airport is:

  • Jorge Amado / Ilhéus (IOS) – Located approximately 100 km from Piracanga, it operates daily domestic flights from Gol, Latam Airlines, Azul and Avianca.

Arriving from the airport

After landing, you can choose to come from Ilheus to Itacaré by public transport or to request our shuttle service that can make your transfer from the airport to Inkiri Piracanga (Only from llheus). You can also choose to go to Itacaré by public transportation and then at Itacaré you can request our transportation service to take you to Inkiri Piracanga.

Arriving from the Bus Station

To get to Itacaré by bus you first need to get to Ilhéus, Itabuna or Salvador bus stations. There is no direct bus to Itacaré.

Coming from Ilheus or Itabuna

The Itabuna / Ilheus – Itacaré trip is operated every hour by “Viação Rota” bus company.

Contact Ilhéus: +55 (73) 3634 3161

Contact Itabuna: +55 (73) 3613 3200


Coming from Salvador

* If you’re used to traveling by bus for long distances, one way to save on transportation is to fly to Salvador and catch a bus for the second part of the trip. Often the flights to Salvador are much cheaper than to Ilheus. But check it before booking, since this isn’t always the case. And consider that this bus trip will be long until you reach the Inkiri Center | Piracanga.

From Salvador, you can either leave from Salvador Bus Station or cross  Todos os Santos Bay by Ferry Boat and depart from the Bom Despacho/Itaparica bus station to Itacaré. This Bus Station is besides the Ferry Boat Landing Terminal.

From Salvador airport, you have to take a taxi to Salvador Bus Station or to Todos os Santos Bay to catch the Ferry Boat (the ride will be approximately $ 100 – 25/40 minutes).

Salvador-Ilhéus road journey is daily operated by “Viação Águia Branca” bus company ( and takes about 7 hours.

Every Friday, a bus leaves from Salvador to Itacaré – via Ilhéus. The trip takes 9 hours and a half.

Contact Viação Águia Branca: (0800 725 1211)

Contact Ilhéus: (73) 3634 4121

Contact Itabuna: (73) 3431 5712


The journey Bom Despacho / Itaparica-Itacaré is operated by “Vição Cidade Sol” bus company and takes 4 hours and a half.

Contact: 0800-2849900 / +55 (73) 3047 1000




  • Emergency Bookings – we charge 50% of the transport price for bookings made with less than 2 days in advance from the day transport is needed. For same-day bookings, we do not guarantee availability.
  • Children – Children from 0 to 12 years-old pay 50% of an adult price, after 12 years-old they pay adult price. Children younger than 18 can only travel with their responsible tutor.
  • Cancellations and no-show – cancellations can be done  via email up to two days before transport day. Cancellations made after this date will incur a fee of 50% of the value. No-show has a charge of 100% of the value, i.e. no refund.
  • Extra luggage – Included: 1 carry-on bag and one suitcase. Any extras will cost R$20 per item. SurfBoards will cost R$ 20.
  • Delays – In case of delay caused by the airline or bus company, the tolerance time limit is 30 minutes. In case of no show due to delays or cancellations caused by the airline companies, we will do our best to accommodate the person on a car that leaves later considering the limitations of schedule and seats availability. However, we can’t take responsibility for delays longer than 30 minutes or compensate for lost transport. In that case, a new schedule will be required for the next available car on the following day or you will need to book an exclusive car. It is very common for state buses to delay 30 minutes and interstate buses to delay from one to three hours from scheduled arrival time. In case of travelling by bus, plan to arrive long in advance to the shuttle pick up time.
  • Pick up and deliver  – Our meeting points are the Inkiri Center Reception Desk, the airport or Smart Supermarket. For those who prefer or need to be picked up somewhere else or to be delivered directly at their home, it is necessary to request this service in advance. We charge R$20 per person inside Piracanga and R$50,00 per person outside Piracanga (ex. Bus station, hotels, hostels etc.).
  • Objects left in the car – You are exclusively responsible for your personal objects. Yet we caringly collect all objects forgotten in the cars and leave them at the lost & found section at Centro inkiri Piracanga reception desk.