Models and wonderful clothing pieces were the highlight of an evening of beauty and togetherness in Inkiri Piracanga! Ateliê Inkiri has transformed the Inkiri Restaurant hall into a crowded walkway with a beautiful fashion show full of creativity, fun and spirituality. With the participation of the residents themselves, adults and children, the Ateliê team devastated with the presentation of a collection full of colors and with the face of Inkiri Piracanga.

The parade had the main objective of connecting the manual art developed by the people who pass through the studio with a presentation that could inspire the audience, always valuing the creation of each one of the pieces. “Everything that is done and presented by Atelier has a story and this story involves the person who produced the piece and their own feeling at the time of production,” explained Gabriela Unibazo, curator of Ateliê Inkiri.

“What we felt in the parade was exactly this love of creation completing with a movement of the joy and vibration of the people who were watching, “said Gaby.

Gisele Barbosa participated in the entire process of creating the parade pieces. According to her, the models were developed from various fabrics received in donations, purchased by the Inkiri Atelier team or brought directly from India. “We used these materials to create a collection with the face of Inkiri Piracanga, but it could also be created with a free theme, valuing the creativity of everyone who goes through the studio,” said Gisele. Among the highlights of the parade were the light dresses.

Until the time of the event, Maíra Zago did not know that she would parade and also had no idea who would enter the catwalk. “I was there to help as a makeup artist and saleswoman and I also ended up parading. We invited a lot of people, but everyone said they were ashamed, “he said. “At the time, many people left shame aside and participated! I felt that it was very beautiful the union and the alignment of everyone with our project. This made the parade a moment of great beauty and fun for everyone.

Moment of expansion without losing the essence

The Inkiri Ateliê parade is part of the current moment of expansion of the project. According to Gaby, it’s time to show off, but without losing the essence of creation. “This new movement to present itself to the world is very much linked to our personal process,” he said. “We went through a period of introspection, of union between the participants of the project and of strengthening. Now it’s time to open up, “explained Gaby as she linked the processes of self-knowledge and spirituality with all the work of the Inkiri Atelier.

In this movement, another dream is being realized: “We joined with people from the region, who became our partners in Caubi and Itacaré. In addition to generating more structure for the Inkiri Ateliê project, this makes it possible to redefine the work for these people, valuing their professional performances, their talents and generating financial abundance. ”

The Ateliê Inkiri is a space at the service of creativity, unity and beauty with the intention of directly accessing the heart and freeing the soul through music, dance, visual arts, poetry, theater and literature. Thus, art is the common language, inspiring one another. From this energy it is possible to manifest in matter through creation, with cutting and sewing, drawing, painting, sculpture and other materials. A great way to self-knowledge and discover talents and skills.

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