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“Inkiri” is a greeting used by a tribe who lived here many years ago, in the Piracanga region of the Maraú Peninsula (BA). It means “The love in me greets the love in you”. It inspires our dream: to recognize and to manifest the Love and the Truth that exists in us, in everyone and in all places.

We are an intentional community committed to making this dream come true. We are formed by around 40 adults and 18 children and teenagers. We dedicate ourselves to developing our self-knowledge and we offer the tools we use to those who come to participate in our courses, retreats and programs.

It wasthe childhood dream of one of the founders of the Inkiri Community, of creating a world of happiness without suffering, which opened the door to us today to move the Inkiri Dream.

A brief history of the ancient Inkiri Tribe

The forgotten stories of humanity tell us that there was a time when all beings lived freely, happily and peacefully. They were connected with nature because they recognized themselves as part of it. At that time, on the riverside of the Piracanga river, there was an indigenous tribe who greeted themselves saying “inkiri”. A greeting that, like different words in different cultures, meant “The Love in me welcomes the Love in you.”

In this tribe, people of all ages lived in harmony. Children were free: they could play and develop, always under the care and supervision of all adults. Young people dedicated their gifts and talents to express themselves and materialize everything their hearts asked for. And the elders contributed with all their wisdom and experience to the tribe’s sustenance. Each one of them had its role and they lived in a simple way, in union and with loads of love.

There was no judgment. Joy and spontaneity reigned. They laughed at their own mistakes and lived the present moment without attachments, without nostalgia or future plans that would take them out of their natural state of peace.

About 700 years ago, the Inkiri tribe ceased to exist in this way, but not without leaving in every piece of this land the legacy of how living in simplicity, nature and Love.

We, the Inkiri Community, have chosen to inspire ourselves in this story! Our idea is not to recreate the same life they had, but to honor their teachings and work so that today, in our way of living, we can find the ways that lead us back to the Union.


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