When the process of the awakening of Love begins, great changes happen on both the individual and the collective levels. The documentary  “Acorde em Mim”, produced by the Inkiri Community in partnership with Awaken Love, presents a transforming moment for some members and also the collective of the Inkiri Community in search of their own awakening.

In 2016, we set out on a trip to Alto Paraíso (GO). There we met with the Humanitarian Leader and Spiritual Master Sri Prem Baba and we were guided during his satsang season.

The reception of Prem Baba and the alignment with the values ​​proposed by him and the movement Awaken Love promoted great transformations in Inkiri Piracanga, whether in the people or at the community level of manifestations of spirituality in the matter.

This meeting was recorded. Now, we are very happy to share it with you, who, in addition to knowing a little more about our process, can also know the Ashram environment in a Satsangs season in Alto Paraíso.

The documentary is available for free on our Channel on YouTube.

The Love in me salutes the Love in you,

Inkiri Community



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