We receive about 2,000 visitors a year for courses, retreats and immersion programs that both transform and impact their lives and positively transform nature around us.

In this #DiaDaTerra, we separate 8 curiosities for you that visit us to know how you are collaborating with all our independent systems: water, electric, construction and waste management. Our dream is also to inspire other places that it is possible, yes, to do differently.

1 – In the Inkiri Center, food is 100% vegan, drastically reducing the ecological footprint of the food consumption of each one that comes here (this calculation corresponds to the size of the productive areas of land and water necessary to generate products, goods and services that Sustain consumption)

2 – with the work of preservation and agroforestry, in less than a decade we have the equivalent of 100 football fields of recovered soil and protected forest, having planted a diversity of more than 40 species of fruit trees

3 – with the natural water treatment systems and dry toilets, we estimate that we leave 8 million liters of drinking water free of contamination in the water table

4 – we have 7 different types of dry toilets, which protect the waters and generate natural fertilizer and fertilizer to follow the work of recovering the soil, completing the natural cycles

5– We manage the solid waste of visitors and residents with reuse, referral for recycling and composting of food remains

6 – With non-recyclable or difficult to recycle waste we make PET bottles used in buildings

7 – We produce and use natural and biodegradable products of personal care and cleaning, contributing to our health and the health of the planet

8 – We are disconnected from the common electric power system, having solar energy as our primary source of energy

The Inkiri Nature School and the Plante! Inkiri are the projects through which these actions take place. Who comes here and participates in any Inkiri project, automatically contributes to move that energy. 

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