Practice silence and discover what your spirit has to say: as simple as breathing, the act of not speaking can be a very strong element of connection with our own essence and with nature. It is certainly an important tool in the path of self-knowledge.

The practice can be done anytime, in just one minute or extend to the healing processes of 21 days. Inkiri Community Therapist and Leader Angelina Ataíde, who guides the 9 and 21 day healing and silence processes of the Inkiri Piracanga Center, presents three different ways to use silence:

1 –Spiritual alignment


Silence. Calm the mind. This is a passive and very common practice in several lines of meditation. “Just a minute of silence, as Prem Baba discloses, allows you to have an automatic connection to yourself, with your spirit,” says Angelina.

The minute of silence is a tool that can be used several times a day, for example, before starting a meeting, a delicate conversation or even before meals. The state of presence will bring more clarity and tranquility in acting.



2 – Self-doubt


The Buddhists whom Angelina has lived with recommend that in a minute, at any point in her life, you can be silent and ask yourself: Where am I? How am I doing things? “It’s a minute of silence to make a check list, to pass a scan.”

“For example, you are doing the dishes. Stop a minute, close your eyes, be silent and ask yourself, ‘Where am I at this moment? I’m doing the dishes, I’m angry. I’m doing one thing and thinking of another; I am judging ten people who did not wash before me. Or I’m doing the dishes with pleasure because I can serve without anyone seeing me that I’m doing it. ‘ Where are you?”.


3 – Energy self-observation

Energy Self-Observation The third tip is a look at our own vibration, it is an energetic self-observation. “Take a minute of energetic silence and note, ‘Where is my vibration? Are you high or low? Or maybe I do not even know where she is. ”

“It may be that I see that my vibration is low because I am tired, I can not even get out of my bed, or that I realize that I am thinking that I only want a net to lie down. On the other hand, it may be that my vibration is very agitated because I am very irritated with everything or the vibration is up there and I do not know what is happening around me, I am not rooted. That’s it! It’s to see where your vibration is! “, Exemplifies Angelina.



Silence allows us to perceive reality more clearly and makes us more conscious observers. It teaches you to reduce distractions and generate a deep inner connection with who you really are. “When we practice silence, we remove the noises that surround us and we are led to a place of clarity, which allows a separation between our essence and the agitation of the mind. We become observers of ourselves and the world, “he says. “Silence makes you find that inner voice. It’s a meeting with yourself. ”

The practices of silence allow even an understanding of ourselves that goes beyond: “You can observe when your self-destructor enters the scene, when your ego enters, when fear enters, when illusion enters. You watch everything, like a movie, “he says.

The encounter with these forms of thought is a beautiful opportunity to heal in an intense and sensitive way. Angelina says that this occurs especially during the processes and retreats that combine silence, with fasting, isolation and contact with nature. “You are dazzled by who you are. You have an encounter with God and the angels. Then you begin to observe nature and see how it is alive and how it communicates with you. ”


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