Inkiri means “the Love in me greets the Love in you”

The Eco-center Inkiri Piracanga is located Brazil, South of Salvador in Bahia, by the river and the sea, immersed in an enchanting nature. This is the place where we gather to put our gifts and talents at the service of positive transformation of the world, through self-knowledge, nature, community, education, arts and food.

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The Inkiri Comunity is an intentional community that has more than 25 projects* connected to our purpose of transformation in these different areas. They manifest the Inkiri Dream on a daily basis with the support of an extended community of people who come here for self-discovery by offering their gifts and talents.

Our house is a big laboratory of new practices, a transformation center in search for new ways of inhabiting the planet. Here, we welcome people from all over the world to share different experiences, such as our Courses and Retreats, Residency Programs, Guest Accommodation or Rent of Rooms and Houses.

a school, a bank, a music studio and band, a restaurant, a café (Café Lótus), a wholistic center with courses, retreats, therapies, events and accommodation (Centro Inkiri), a self-knowledge school (Aura School), a lab that makes biodegradable products of personal and home care and two stores to sell these products (Plante!), a bioconstruction company, a nature and permaculture school, an ecology project that handles our natural water system, composts, dry toilets and waste management, a transfer service, an arts and crafts workshop and a store to sell these products as well as other products we create, a communication and an IT department, a secondhand shop, a grocery store, a university for the youth, a social service project, and a service school that offers immersion programs for people who would like to have a longer experience with us.




How about visiting our home in a way you never imagined? Watch the clip and see Inkiri Piracanga from the sky. Di Rodrigo produced this video with images filmed by a drone. Now we all may feel what it is like to fly around here. Have fun!