Inkiri means “the Love in me greets the Love in you”.


The Eco-center Inkiri Piracanga is at Maraú, peninsula, Bahia, by the river and the sea, immersed in a enchanting nature. This is the place where we gather to put our gifts and talents at the service of positive transformation of the world, through self-knowledge, nature, community, education, arts and food.

There are more than 25 projects connected to our purpose of transformation in these different areas. They are action and services points mantained by the members of Comunity Inkiri, an intentional community made by people who sustain day by day to the realization of the Inkiri Dream together with an extended community of people who offer their gifts and talents to the projects.

Our house is a big lab of reference for new practices, a center of transformation in the search for a new way of inhabiting the planet. Here, we welcome people from all over the world to share different experiences, such as our Courses and Retreats, Residency Programs, Guest Accommodation or Rent of Rooms and Houses.

On our website, you will learn more about our community, our projects and the different ways of experiencing our Dream and our Reality.


The Love in me greets the Love in you,
Inkiri Community





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How about visiting our home in a way you never imagined? Watch the clip and see Inkiri Piracanga from the sky. Di Rodrigo produced this video with images filmed by a drone. Now we all may feel what it is like to fly around here. Have fun!