The Inkiri Piracanga Center is located in the Ecovillage of Piracanga, in a peninsula called “Península de Maraú” in Bahia, Brazil. The Center is where we gather to put our gifts and talents in the service of the Inkiri Dream, of spirituality and of self-knowledge through the Inkiri Projects. It’s also the space where we receive people from all over the world for courses, retreats and immersion programs!

The Inkiri Center are all the facilities by the Piracanga River, which are administrated by the Inkiri Community, along with the houses that belong to the Community and the places that serve as headquarters for our projects.

Below you will find everything you will encounter upon your arrival as well as a brief description of our current activities.

Our reception desk hours are from 7h30 to 11h and 16h30 to 20h everyday. You will come here for check-in and check-out, to schedule appointments for therapies, to enroll for courses, to purchase wi-fi access, and to get the samples of our Plante! products that you receive when you stay at the Inkiri Center, and also for any questions you may have during your stay. At the reception desk you may also schedule a guided tour of the Inkiri Piracanga Center.

At the Inkiri Piracanga Center food is 100% vegan, it does not contain any animal products.

The RESTAURANT  is where the three main meals are served. Breakfast hours are from 8am to 9 am, lunch is served between 12:30pm and 1:30pm, and dinner hours are from 7pm to 8pm. Salads, juices, natural food, soups, dishes from various cultures and different locations are prepared with much love (and Reiki!) by all those working and serving daily at the Inkiri Kitchen. If you come to stay at the Inkiri Center, the three meals are included in your package, but the restaurant also offers visitors the option to pay for the food by the kilo (R$35/kg).

ESPAÇO AÇAÍ (aka AÇAÍ)  is our hangout during morning and afternoon breaks. Juices, savory and sweet vegan snacks and, of course, the most famous açaí in the region: organic, with no syrup, and blended fresh everyday with lots of love! Social life at Espaço Açaí is busier and busier, with dinner among friends, movies, parties and lots of music. You may also rent the place for parties and events, and we have a menu of breads, cakes and vegan snacks to order. (Just a reminder: what is sold at Espaço Açaí is not included in the daily fees, and should be paid for separately.)

ANIMAL-SUFFERING-FREE FAIR   We hold our vegan fair fortnightly on Saturday afternoons, in front of the restaurant, by the river. Residents and visitors use their creativity to sell various delicious recipes and assorted products.

Here at the Inkiri Center we have a space dedicated to therapies. It is a place to reconnect to oneself, both for therapists and for those scheduling therapy sessions. It is called Espaço Cura. The therapies currently offered include:  Aura Reading (General, Theme specific, Relationships, Group Readings),  Long Distance Aura Reading Reiki, Birth Oracle and   Massages .

The beautiful landscape of Piracanga yields postcard-like scenery. Moreover, it is a treasure we deeply honor, which makes caring for the environment one of our top priorities besides caring for children and self-knowledge.

The river and the sea bring sacred waters that offer us cleanliness, connection, fun, moments of union... and waves! Surfing is one of the favorite activities around here. The forest is also sacred! Throughout the whole area of the Inkiri Center and in the woods behind the ecovillage we dedicate our efforts to creating soil, now focusing on agroforestry.

There is a very diverse fauna here: birds , reptiles, amphibians, especially those that inhabit the bromeliads, and a vast diversity of insects such as butterflies, dragonflies, beetles, wasps, ants, spiders, mantis, crickets, grasshoppers etc. Besides bats, the kind of bats that do not harm humans (and they help us by balancing the insect population). We need to remind you that it is not allowed to bring pets nor wild animals with you in your stay here. In order to better understand this topic, we ask you to read the text on our agreements.

We have four shops at the Inkiri Center selling various products. They are:

LOJA INKIRI (INKIRI SHOP)   This is where you find products created at our Espaço Cultural, ranging from notebooks to clothes, unique items, all handmade. You will also find our Oráculo da Iluminaçao and the O Caminho dos Sonhos box.

TEMPO DAS ÁGUAS (WATER TEMPLE)   All products we need for our internal and external waters are here. At the Templo das Águas you will find the Inkiri Plante! creations, and also products from other brands that closely follow the strict standards for choosing ingredients.

LOJA BRIGIT (BRIGIT SHOP)  Here you will find clothing, trinkets, jewels, incense, and decoration objects chosen with love for you.

FRUTOS DA TERRA (EARTH PRODUCE)  At our emporium we offer a wide range of dry products, grains and seeds. We offer a selection of organic products and we favor local producers. Our focus is on offering a wide variety of delicious high quality products. Food for the body and for the soul. We do our best to reduce waste production, thus most of our products is sold in paper or returnable glass packaging. You are welcome to shop here or just to visit.

Almost every day we offer activities such as yoga, Sound Meditation, circular dances, kirtans, hikes, sports (there is a beach volleyball court, and also slackline) as well as other activities! Look for information on the green announcement board located at the entrance of the restaurant, where we update the daily activity schedule.

There are 28 bedrooms in our center (most of them with a view to the sea) and two dormitories. Our maximum capacity is 90 people. We also have 4 “ocas” (halls) of different sizes (Oca Vagalume, Oca Inkiri, Moksha and Templo das Rosas) for our activities..


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