For those who are just looking for an option to spend time here in Inkiri Piracanga with our community, live the life experience of Ecovillage and are willing to follow the coexistence agreements (in particular the use of only biodegradable products, not Alcoholic beverages, conscience expanders and meat), it is possible to rent a room, a house or a bungalow through our Inkiri Program.

In this type of program, you will also have a kitchen (exclusive or collective, depending on the type chosen).

It is a way of living a period here, but without the bond or commitment to do some extra activity. Of course, during the time you are here, you can decide to take some courses, retreats or experiences and maybe even contribute to our projects with seva (disinterested service). But this quest will be with you later.

The program seeks to create accommodation alternatives where the person can experience Inkiri Piracanga due to the bias of a resident. Thus, the visitor is responsible for the management of their organic, recyclable, non-recyclable waste; Purchase and preparation of meals and organization of the house (in the case of community houses). This is a good way to experience the day to day life of the community and the vision shared by the residents.

If you are looking for a way to, besides renting accommodation, have a voluntary work link to contribute to our projects, get to know the Work and Life Program. And if you are looking for a more complete experience that involves special attention and a more extensive program of activities, including training, retreats, classes, courses, get to know our Immersion Programs.

Below some photos houses and rooms (subject to availability)

Contact us for the options available for the period in which you would like to come here!