Our pillars support the realization of the Inkiri Dream. Each of them inspires us to the direction we want to go. Know below each one of them!

Self knowledge

pilares_autoconhecimentoSelf-knowledge is recognizing our journey, unraveling our truth and realizing that everything we want to transform in the world must first be transformed within us. Our dream is to create the conditions so that each one can deepen in their self-knowledge.




If early childhood experiences are relevant throughout life, giving the necessary conditions for children to develop their potential is the most concrete way we have to transform the world. Our role is to enable children to experience life in a protected, healthy and creative way.




Living in a community is more than living with differences. It is to return to our condition of unity and strengthen empathy, compassion and support for others. It means uniting energies to serve the same goal. To live in community you need to create bonds of unity and friendship. When we connect, everything intensifies – both the process of individual evolution and the transformations we want to make in the world.


pilares_naturezaWe came into the world to take care of our home, but we lost that awareness somewhere along the way. Now that we realize that we are part of the Whole, we can make our existence not only fail to cause negative impacts on nature, but also accelerate the process of recovering soil, water and air, so that we are, well, well for all the beings that inhabit the planet.



Creation is the power we have to transform reality. When we connect creation with our heart, we can use our gifts and talents to transform the reality of the world to build, rather than destroy. To add, rather than subtract.




Art is the human capacity for expressing, experiencing and giving shape to ideas. It is the manifestation of feeling and the way to return to the look of beauty, exercising our natural right to expression.



Food is one of the direct links of the human being with nature and with the complete cycle of life. Bringing awareness to food allows us to live in balance with all forms of life.