If the Inkiri Dream is what we want to make come true, our pillars provide the support for achieving this. Each pillar inspires us to go in the direction we want to go. To greet love in the world is to put it in action.


pilares_naturezaBy questioning the role of our species we found out we came to this world to take care of our home – but we lost this awareness at some point along the way. Now we realize that we are part of the Whole. We can make it so that not only our existence ceases to generate negative impacts on nature, but that it speeds up the recovery processes of the soil, water and air, so that we are, finally, welcome by all beings that inhabit the planet. These are the roles of mankind here.


Community living is being part of a large family. This means more than living with differences (and loving them). It means returning to our condition of union and strengthening empathy, compassion and support to others. It means unifying energies to serve a common goal. In order to live in a community it is not necessary to live in the same house, but to create the bonds for union and friendship. When we connect in these relationships everything becomes more intense; both the individual evolution process and the transformations we want to realize in the world speed up. If this is why we are here, living in a community is one of the keys to help us.


Creation is the power we have to transform reality. However, we don’t always know how to use this power, because we are misaligned with our own purpose. When we connect creation to our hearts we are able to use our gifts to transform the reality of the world: to build instead of destroying; to add instead of subtracting.


If early childhood experiences are relevant throughout our entire lives, treating children in a different way, giving them the necessary conditions for them to develop their potential is the most concrete way we have to transform the world. More than transmitting limited contents, our role is to allow children to experience life in a protected, healthy and creative way.


Art is the human capacity of expressing ourselves, experimenting and giving shape to ideas. It is the manifestation of feeling. But we ended up distancing ourselves from it because we directed our energy towards fulfilling expectations, deviating our sight from beauty and from our birthright to express it. Having art as one of the pillars of the Inkiri Dream means to recognize the potential it has to help us in our expression.


When we blame the world for everything that happens to us we’re trapped in an inertia loop that prevents us from seeing our potential. Self-knowledge means to recognize our journey, to unveil our truth and to perceive that all that we want to transform in the world needs first to be transformed within us. Our dream is to create the conditions for each one to be able to delve deeper into self-knowledge. The intention is to evolve together to be able to heal everything that needs to be healed in ourselves and in the world.

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