The Inkiri Community is a group of people committed to making the Inkiri Dream come true. We are like a family that relies on caring for one another, caring for nature and for the children. We agreed to dedicate ourselves to self-knowledge and, from this perspective, offer those who come to us, for courses and retreats, the tools we ourselves use in this journey. These tools may be meditation or permaculture, artistic expression or child education, and so many other tools we use in our everyday lives.

Our way of living spirituality is by putting it to practice through projects related to our Pillars. The Inkiri Projects are the laboratory where we experiment with solutions to strengthen a new consciousness of life on the planet.

Most Inkiri Community members today have humanitarian leader Sri Prem Baba as their spiritual master, and they participate in the Caminhos do Coração courses and align closely with the Awaken LOVE movement..

How does the Inkiri Community live?

Approximately 40 adults and 18 children form the Inkiri community. Our day-to-day life is very down-to-earth; we all work and are responsible for the Inkiri Projects.

Most of us live in communal houses belonging to the Inkiri Community. There are, however, a few who prefer to rent rooms in other houses at the Piracanga ecovillage, which is the property where we live and where the Piracanga center is located.

We are self-sufficient concerning our water supply and electric power, and we dream of one day being able to plant our own food. The continuous work we’ve done on the sandy soil where we live is already yielding results! Our focus is on agroforestry. Briefly addressing our economy, each Community member is responsible for supporting themselves and for their financial abundance. Nonetheless, we share a fund for investing in our collective projects and dreams.

Everyday we offer activities for those who come to the Center to participate in our courses, retreats, immersion programs and also to those living in the Piracanga ecovillage.

The Inkiri Community leader is Angelina Ataíde, founder of the Piracanga ecovillage and of the Inkiri Community. Angelina’s childhood dream of creating a world of happiness and without suffering paved the way for us to be living the Inkiri dream today.

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I like it! I want to be a part of the Inkiri Community. What shall I do?

Take it easy, everything happens in its own time. Becoming a member of the Inkiri Community is a step that demands great surrender in a person’s life. It is a step of commitment to the Inkiri Dream, to this new family and to all its joys and challenges.

In general, we can say that what draws people to our Community is being able to live here and to do seva (selfless service) helping in one of our projects. The reason for it is very simple: through action one finds out about and experiences our way of materializing the Inkiri Dream. Thus, we get to know ourselves better and, in a very spontaneous way, our bonds may start to form.

It is natural that not everyone feels the call to join the Inkiri Community and make that commitment but, by all means, that shouldn’t stop you from coming here and putting your gifts and talents to service! You are very much welcome here.


The ancient Inkiri Tribe’s history in a nutshell.

The long lost stories of mankind tell about a time when all beings lived freely, happily, at peace and connected to nature, since they recognized they were a part of it. In those days, by the margins of the Piracanga River, lived an indigenous tribe that used the word “inkiri” to greet one another. A greeting, like many different words in different cultures, that meant “the Love in me greets the Love in you”.

In this tribe, people of all ages lived in harmony. The children were free: they could play and develop, always under close attention and loving care of adults. The young dedicated their gifts and talents to express and materialize all that their hearts demanded. And the elderly contributed with all their knowledge and experience to supporting the tribe. Each had their role and they lived in simplicity, united and with plenty of love.

There was no judgment, and joy and spontaneity were the rule. They laughed at their own mistakes and lived in the present moment with no attachment, no nostalgia, nor plans for the future that removed them from their natural state of peace.

About 700 years ago, the Inkiri tribe stopped living this way, but not before imprinting the legacy of living in simplicity, oneness with nature and with Love into each piece of land it had crossed.

We, from the Inkiri Community, chose to be inspired by this story! Our idea is not to re-create the same life they lived, but to honor their teachings and to work so that, today, in our way of living, we may find the paths that lead us back to Union.