There are many entrance doors to the Inkiri Piracanga experience. Here you find opportunities to visit, to get to know yourself, to serve, to develop your talents, to live in a community and to experience new forms of living. Browse the sections below, get inspired and feel which door you feel the stronger connection to.

como-participar-retiro-de-aura Most people arrive at Inkiri Piracanga through the courses, experiences and self-knowledge retreats. All the courses we offer have individual goals, but all share in the same mission: to help awaken consciousness.p>

For your light to illuminate your full potential it is necessary to undergo a process of self-knowledge which sheds light on the dark parts of our history. Our goal is to serve this process, helping more and more people discover who they really are.

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Duration: 3 to 9 days.
Aimed at: young people and adults in search of self-knowledge


FNC_0397 The Inkiri Living University is a program aimed at people between 18 and 28 years of age. It makes room for individual potentials to be revealed and gifts and talents to be unveiled through life in a community and via participation in projects.

When we empower ourselves with our talents and make ourselves accountable for what happens in our lives we become aware that we create our own reality and that together we are all responsible for the reality we create in the planet. From this backdrop originates the awareness about our need to care for nature and for one another with love.

For that purpose, the University includes classes, retreats, practical activities, life in a community and spiritual and psychological support.

Duration: 2, 3 or 6 months
Aimed at: 18- to 28-year-olds

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escola-de-servicio"“Service is the fastest way to transform suffering into joy” Through service, we feel ourselves occupying our place in the world” Sri Prem Baba

The Inkiri Service School is a project with the goal of opening the doors to unifying spirituality with the material and practical worlds, and is open to people older than 28 years of age.

The program lasts for two months: one week of introduction and seven weeks dedicated to working with inner values to be awakened. For that, participants serve at the different Inkiri projects, such as the kitchen, the culture center, the permaculture etc. Along with this, they receive guidance through lectures, through sharing and through experiences that help in their self-investigation and inner discovery processes.

Duration: 2 months
Aimed at: people in search of a deep process through service

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Aescola-da-natureza The School of Nature was created so that we may recognize our divine nature and may manifest this love on Earth through care, awareness and service..

When we reconnect with Nature we recognize the utmost expression of God. In each leaf, in each flower we recognize our simplicity, diversity, abundance and capacity to generate life and movement.

At the School of Nature it is possible to participate in courses, retreats or to serve in the projects.

Duration: from 3 days to 3 months
Aimed at: young people and adults who want to contribute to the ecological management of our soil.

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como-participar-centro Those who want to come only to visit the Inkiri Center without participating in any program may stay at the accommodations that were created to host our courses' participants.

You may experience one of the therapies offered by the Healing Space and also participate in the many activities that take place at the Inkiri Piracanga Center. We offer yoga classes and Sound Meditation free of charge six times a week. We also hold other activities such as circular dances, lectures, mantra chanting, meditations and experiences in the woods or at the beach.

We offer visitors who want to learn more about Inkiri Piracanga a guided tour that takes them to visit the Inkiri Piracanga Center, the Inkiri Community projects and to part of our ecovillage. Those who want to learn more in depth about one specific project and to contribute to our dream have the opportunity to do selfless service (seva).

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Duration: short (“I just want to go there to know it”)
Aimed at: friends and future friends of Inkiri Piracanga