We’re very happy you are interested in knowing what the Inkiri Community does here! Do you want to know us in person? 

We are a community organization located at an ecovillage in the South of the State of Bahia, Brazil. Being here creates many challenges for us since it is a constant invitation to look inside oneself and taking accountability for everything in one’s life. 

The Inkiri experience is very beautiful and intense. How about we get to know ourselves better for you to assess whether you would like to stay here with us? There is no wrong or right in this game, there is only respect, so that we establish our agreements and you know what to expect from us.

Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol or using drugs or substances for conscience expansion

There are things we are adamant about in a relationship, but there is an explanation for each of them. We have an agreement not to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol nor use drugs nor substances for conscience expansion here. We develop a very deep spiritual self-knowledge work with many people who come here, and this rule is in place to support our work on the energy level.


Our approach to feeding is more and more in harmony with the planet, without causing suffering to any being. Therefore, here we do not eat any kind of meat. Our restaurants are 100% vegan. They’re places where we experience a constantly evolving way of feeding. You don’t need to be vegan to be here, but you must be open to trying this out together with us.

Water and electrical power

Because of self-responsibility, we chose to run disconnected from the water and sanitation network and from the power grid. Thus, we have to close all of our cycles in order to cause the least impact and, if you come here, you need to help us do so. 

This means committing to using personal hygiene and cleaning products that are 100% biodegradable. This includes: shampoo, hair conditioner, creams, perfume, deodorant, sun lotion, sunscreen, toothpaste, make up and everything else you can imagine that goes down the drains. We do produce and sell all of these biodegradable products right here, as well as sell other products produced elsewhere in accordance with specifications. This agreement is in place because all of the water used here is treated by natural systems, without the use of chemicals. If you use the “normal” products that people use in the cities you will contaminate the water that everyone here drinks. This is a very serious health issue, therefore it is important to abide by this agreement. 

We use solar power. The sun in the State of Bahia is very intense, but one cannot use electricity the same way one is used to in the city. For instance, mobile phones and computers can only be charged during daylight hours. The use of hair dryers, hair straightening irons or any other resistance appliances is not allowed. In general, we do not have refrigerators in the houses – and this is a constant invitation for reinventing ourselves everyday.


Nature here is very exuberant and you will undoubtedly fall in love with it, be it for the flora or for the visitors that will cross your path. You will very likely see beautiful birds, little monkeys, lizards, butterflies and many other animals that will make your day happier. There are also some other animals we do not like so much here, that may also cross your path, like mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders, bats,  etc. This is an excellent opportunity to face some fears in a safe place. 

You will not find pets here. That’s because we believe animals should be free. If we had dogs, they would all be free and together they would want to defend their territory, which could be dangerous for kids and for visitors arriving here. We’ve also had cats, but we had a lot of problems with jigger fleas, so we no longer have cats. But we love them all.

Respect and self-responsibility

We want to be an inspiration to the world, but this does not make our place into a public place (yes, this is possible). We manage a private place, many people here have their private houses, and even those who share houses also have their privacy. So, in order for you to visit us, we need to schedule in advance and to have available lodgings, since camping is not allowed here. 

We are always after sustainability, so we cannot pay for you to be here. In order to be here you must provide for your own financial support. The way to do this may be by working for our projects, but we cannot guarantee any positions prior to getting to know each person individually, and also not before the person goes through a period of seva (selfless service), which is a way for you to become familiar with, gain trust in, and find out if this is the dream to which you want contribute with your gifts, talents and services.

Do you want to come here?

If you want to come here, we have various options and certainly one of them will be good for you. Check out the options by clicking here.

With love,
Inkiri Community