11.10.2017 - 02.07.2018


The next edition of Uni is very special! There are 4 months of program that start with 4 weeks totally focused on self knowledge and follow with a sharp programming in world reality in the next 3 months. From November 10 the YIP (Youth Initiative Program) group arrives in Piracanga in join us (you can also choose to arrive on that date), check out the schedule that has already been confirmed:

SELF-KNOWLEDGE (as of October 10)

Aura Reading is a profound tool of self-knowledge. In a spirit-to-spirit conversation, we capture information in the aura that is important to the process of growth and transformation of the person being read. As we read the aura of a person, we are reading their inner state, their emotions, thoughts, actions and potentials.

Path of Dreams is a course facilitated by Angelina Ataíde, founder and leader of Inkiri Piracanga, where she has been living for 15 years and realizes an ancient dream of living in community in harmony with nature. In this course she teaches the difference between awake and asleep dreams and how we can use them as tools of evolution. For Angelina, dream and achievement are one and the same.

Satsangs of Sri Prem Baba take place during the mini season and annual visit of the humanitarian leader and guru of the Inkiri Community. Here young people will be invited to reflect on the teachings of an enlightened teacher and begin to prepare for the next UNI Special moment.

WORLD REALITY (as of November 10)

The YIP (Youth Initiative Program | Sweden) group arrives in Brazil and joins our class. Young people from all over the world come to spend 3 months creating an international environment. YIP facilitators bring speakers and facilitators focused on providing tools for co-creation, project management and how to contribute to the world at this important moment in our history. The Uni facilitators, together with the Inkiri Piracanga Community, will help put all these tools into practice, applying them to existing projects here and creating new projects.

During this 3 month immersion we will work with tools in Global and Personal Awareness and Community Dynamics as Art of Hosting, Storytelling, Warriors Without Weapons, among others.


What exactly is Inkiri University?

The Inkiri University – or Uni, as we call it here – is a program for those between the ages of 18 and 28 that opens up space for the potential of each to be revealed and the gifts and talents to be unveiled through the experience of Life in community and of acting in projects.

What is the YIP – Youth Initiative Program (Sweden)?
YIP is a holistic education program that strengthens young people’s ability to take initiative to address current global challenges. The group, also between 18 and 28 years old, is made up of people from different countries. The program lasts for 10 months, and three of these months will be made in union with the Viva Inkiri University, here in the Inkiri Community in Bahia.

And why this age group?

It is at this stage of life that the creative and transformative potential is more exposed – but this is also a phase of many doubts and insecurities. Uni gives its participants the opportunity to tap their full potential, connect with their purpose, and empower themselves with their choices. The sooner we start our journey of self-knowledge, the simpler and easier the journey that leads us to our accomplishment!

Beauty! But how does this happen on a daily basis?

– With cooking classes, music, care of nature, etc.
– With courses and retreats to work on specific topics such as the relationship with money, leadership, spirituality, etc.
– With work in the Inkiri Projects (permaculture, bio-construction, vegan cuisine, atelier, music, circus, etc.)
– With community experience to broaden the perception of the world. Living in community is a way of understanding how we relate to others, to the group, and to nature. Besides the group living together in the same house, sharing responsibilities and working differences, everyone can participate in life in the ecovillage, with various activities such as parties, choral, sound meditation, circular dancing, etc.
– With individual or group psychoanalytic follow-up.

All this guided by our dream to recognize and manifest Love in the world!
But how can we do this if we often face the challenge of feeling this Love within us? That is why, for us, this whole process begins with SELF-KNOWLEDGE. As we expand consciousness about ourselves, about the dynamics of the world, and about our RELATIONSHIP WITH NATURE, we break paradigms and unconscious habits that waste our energy, and then we are able to focus on the expression of our GIFTS and TALENTS for the creation of A better world.

And how does it work, when does it start, how much does it cost?
– The complete edition, from October 10, 2017 to February 10, 2018, including a first module focused on self-investigation and self-knowledge + a second module, when the first module’s discoveries and discoveries are put into practice. The focus is on empowerment, on experimenting with gifts and talents in practice and on how to face the challenges of the world right now along with the team of YIP facilitators


  • MODULE 3 MONTHS (10/11/2017 to 10/02/2018): R $ 6,843, with a 5% discount for registrations until the end of August.


from December 7 to February 7: R $ 5,250.


Form of payment:

  • At sight: Additional discount of 5% with bank slip.
  • Credit card: Installment up to 6 times.

In this value, in addition to the whole program described, are included:

– Accommodation

– Lunch from Sunday to Friday

– Internet wi-fi in Centro Inkiri Piracanga

– Solid waste management rate

– Courses:

  • Meditation of the Roses
  • Aura Read Retreat – Level 1
  • Essential Reiki – Level 1

Other courses can be included in the program depending on the availability in the period and also according to the needs of the class, at the discretion of the guardians of the Uni and availability of the Centro Inkiri Piracanga. Some examples: Retreat of Silence, Retreat of the Path of Dreams, Leadership in the New World, Journey of the Animal Totem, Money and Creation of Reality, etc. + Activities with YIP.

These values are not included:

– Transportation (for more information, contact transportes@inkiri.com)

– Saturday lunch, breakfast and dinner; cleaning products; Toilet paper – the group has a fund created and administered by its participants, with a value of R $ 100.00 to R $ 150.00 per month per person for these expenses.

– Personal expenses in general.

– Travel expenses and group trips.

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