10.16.2017 - 10.27.2017


In life there are always moments to stop, contemplate, clean, feel, share, and then move on.

This 12-day process is a delivery that requires a lot of confidence and courage. To get rid of what is no longer necessary, to transmute the old and make room for new in your life.

An encounter with oneself and the true essence, with detachment and contemplation of silence.

Here, live food based on liquids is adopted every day, prioritizing the integral purification of the being: physical, mental and spiritual.

We share all participants interspersed with periods of silence.

“An instant of inner silence is enough to completely change your mind and consequently to change your energy, your body chemistry, your emotions and your mood. In other words, an instant of silence is enough to change your reality. So I pray that you will discover this great power which is silence; So you can experience it and make use of it. ”
Sri Prem Baba

Facilitator: Steve Ramael

Steve Ramael is a holistic coach, aura reading teacher, speaker and therapist. Born in Russia, raised in the United States and in the last 12 years, he lives in Brazil. For six years he led spiritual retreats at the healing center of the medium João de Deus in Abadiânia – GO. Today, he lives and works in Piracanga, where he facilitates the courses of the Inkiri Center: Aura 1 and 2, Sacred Male, Detox, Anti-stress and Reconnection and guides the processes of the Way of Love.


Price: R$ 2.632


  • The guiding of the process
  • stay
  • The feeding days
  • 1 reading aura
  • 1 ecological hygiene kit