12.06.2017 - 12.07.2017

There is a subtle world interacting with us: there are various planes and beings that interfere with our life on this planet. Even without the full realization of these forces, the different dimensions affect our day to day and are intimately linked to what we have well or badly resolved within us. In this course, Crótalo Sésamo, by Damanhur, will share the experience of Spiritual Research on the operation of aspects contrary to the realization of the mission of Human Beings.

  • How do entities work
  • Spiritual Beings
  • What is the “enemy” and our adverse forces
  • The workings of the subtle worlds that interact with humans
  • The threshold between matter and the divine: the astral planes
  • Lost souls
  • The process of disincarnating

In this course we will understand how this interaction happens and how we attract each type of energy in our life.



Damanhur is a federation of communities that has around 1,000 citizens in more than 500 hectares of territory that covers the regions of Valchiusella to Alto Canavese, at the foot of the Piedmont Alps in Italy. Damanhur is an ecological society that values spirituality, individual and collective growth, contact with nature and all the forces of the spiritual ecosystem. With 40 years of experience in “community life” and the advanced spiritual and technological exploration of human potential, the United Nations has designated Damanhur as a model for a sustainable future. Damanhur is a center of research and medicine and science.

The Damanhur Federation is also known for the Temple of Humanity, an extraordinary underground work of art dedicated to the awakening of the divine essence in every human being.


He has lived in Damanhur for more than 28 years as a spiritual researcher, therapist and temple builder. He took various roles and responsibilities, as Director of the Damanhur Center in Turin, Executive Director of the Damanhur Welcome Center and Olami University as well as ambassador.

Specialist in the area of spiritual healing, ancient civilizations and internal research, he teaches astral travel courses, past life research, internal harmonization and self healing.

In March 2016 he spoke at the United Nations for International Happiness Day representing the Damanhur Federation.

Values ​​per person

Includes: course + accommodation and meals (from dinner on the day before the beginning of the course to the breakfast the day after the course ends)

  • Shared Dormitory Room (up to 10 people): R$ 703
  • Triple Room: R$ 907
  • Double Room: R$ 985
  • Single Room: R$ 1.240