10.28.2017 - 11.05.2017

The participant embarks on a journey of deep self-knowledge that culminates in learning the techniques of Aura Reading.

Aura Reading is a spirit-to-spirit communication tool in which we connect with our subtler essence to bring information about the dynamics that are acting in our lives in the present moment and from there to be clearer to make choices.

The Aura Read Retreat – Level 1 also includes the initiation in Essential Reiki – Level 1.

Is this course for whom?

  • For those who want to open their intuition and begin to communicate with their inner truth with simplicity.
  • For those who want to get in touch deeper with their potentials and strength to realize their dreams.
  • For those who want to identify negative behaviors and patterns that interfere with their life and well-being.
  • For those who want to learn to read their own aura and use this tool of self-knowledge constantly.

You will leave this retreat knowing how to read auras according to the technique taught by the Aura Inkiri Reading School, and you can use it for your own benefit and growth.

Aura 1 focuses on the following points:

  • Learn Aura Reading.
  • Techniques of cleaning and protection of the aura (Meditation of the Roses).
  • Opening of his channels and sense of communication of clairaudience (listening), clairvoyance (see) and clarissapiência (knowing).
  • Initiation in Essential Reiki – Level 1, you can channel this energy of self healing to yourself and to others.
  • Work of self-knowledge and healing.
  • I work with characteristics of the chakras.
  • Information on energy dynamics and reality creation.

Prerequisites for doing Aura 1: Aura Reading is for everyone and there are no prerequisites for doing this course, however we recommend that you receive an Aura Reading from a therapist at the Aura Reading School of Roses before you come for the Aura Read Retreat – Level 1.


The common intention of all Aura Read Retreats is to bring into your consciousness your inner truth through healing, cleansing and the Reading of Aura.

The Aura Reading is a powerful tool to see our truth because everything in our lives happens from an energetic dynamic and when we see and understand this dynamic, we can act on it or change it with awareness. The complete training takes place in five levels of retreats and there are also levels 6 and 7, which are for teacher training.

Each level has a different purpose and teaches deeper techniques, but all have in common the inner work of healing and self-knowledge which is the true basis for quality Aura Reading. In all retreats, we will work on the points below, going deeper and deeper, focusing on what each group needs.

Different points worked on retreats:

  • Our insecurities and illusory needs.
  • Love affairs, passions and attachments.
  • Creative energy.
  • Unfulfilled dreams.
  • Personal power / strength.
  • Relationship of man with nature.
  • Relationship with work.
  • Money x spirituality.
  • Ego x inner truth.
  • Guilt, inner child.
  • Energy of love and universal healing.
  • Human love vs. divine love.
  • Power of the word.
  • Universal Laws and how to manifest in this dimension.
  • Intuition.
  • Communication with the angels.
  • Spirituality.
  • Compassion.
  • Rooted illusory programming / beliefs.
  • Ho’oponopono – mantra of love, forgiveness, thanksgiving and acceptance.
  • Energy dynamics, energy cleaning.
  • Meditation of the Roses (cleaning and protection of your aura).
  • And Aura Reading, Aura Reading, Aura Reading …

Facilitators: Teachers of the Aura Reading School

Values ​​per person

Includes: course + accommodation and meals (from dinner on the day before the beginning of the course to the breakfast the day after the course ends)

  • Shared Dormitory Room (up to 10 people): R$ 2.369
  • Triple Room: R$ 2.737
  • Double Room: R$ 2.895
  • Single Room: R$ 3.422