To dance with the feet in the earth letting flow the energy that unites all the beings

We believe that dancing in a circle and holding hands reconnects us with the universe and with the earth, just as they did and believed the peoples who existed for thousands of years here on the planet.

Our community life is also expressed during the circular dance wheels. Here we dance dances of all peoples, honoring the diversity and our ancestral roots. At the same time, we value Brazilian dances and thus strengthen our bond of love for this land.

For two days we will exchange and share the same energy for a certain period of time, bring balance to the group. During the dances, we create a vortex of energy in the center of the wheel that promotes the energetic cleaning of each one of the individuals that is there in union.

Working with dances also involves studying the history and culture of the different peoples who created them, and who have used them almost as rituals.

Dancing for two days in a row, exchanging energy, looks, smiles. This is also an opportunity to work the way we stand before the social: through the way we dance we can have many insights about our way of acting in society, bringing a very interesting reflection.

Love in me lives in unity and serves the same dream!


Maíra Sagnori de Mattos

Guardian of the School of Nature and Circular Dances


Values ​​per person

Includes: course + accommodation and meals (from dinner on the day before the beginning of the course to the breakfast the day after the course ends)

  • Shared Dormitory Room (up to 10 people): R$ 306
  • Triple Room: R$ 379
  • Double Room: R$ 411
  • Single Room: R$ 516