01.19.2018 - 01.24.2018

In its fourth edition, the Bela Vida Festival of Circular Dances is a meeting of beauty, joy and unity. In January 2018, we will connect Worlds and Dreams.

Every human being brings with him a unique way of expressing his love, and this form has an immeasurable value to the world. Our personal dreams are treasures for humanity and BELA VIDA comes with the purpose of honoring and anchoring this treasure in each one of us !!

Through the power of the Circular Dances, the strength of the circle and the hands we have, let us unite dreams and realities. What is your dream? In what world do you want to exist? What do you have to offer? What does your hand donate in a circle? Who are you in the wheel of life?

To recognize, to unite and to explode the light of this unique love is the intention of this Festival!

In this place of great achievements that is Piracanga, let us celebrate our place in the world!

The Inkiri Piracanga Community pulsates the Circular Dances in our daily lives. Circular Dances are part of the history of this ecovillage and have a deep meaning for us. Let us bring great names from Brazil and the World for another great Circular Dance Festival in Piracanga, potentializing the strength of the dances here and spreading this transforming movement and beauty around the world.

In this edition we will receive:

  • Bruno Perel – Finger Green Community / SP
  • Débora Dubner and Sandra Cabral – SP
  • Manuela Barroso – Roda das Rosas / CE
  • Pablo Scornik – Tinku Dances / ARG
  • Sérgio Malqui – Tinku Dances / ARG
  • Maira Sagnori – Circular Dances Inkiri Piracanga / BA


To dance with the feet in the earth letting flow the energy that unites all the beings

We believe that dancing in a circle and holding hands reconnects us with the universe and with the earth, just as they did and believed the peoples who existed for thousands of years.

In addition to a lot of Circular Dance on all these days, you’ll be able to:

  • To know the Inkiri Piracanga Community, its projects and the ecovillage
  • Connect with a network of professionals and passionate about Circular Dances, strengthening the movement in the world
  • Receive a Hummingbird Round (Group Aura reading with Festival participants)
  • Spend every day in connection with the nature of Piracanga, with the river, sea, forest, fauna and flora
  • Participate in experiences, lectures and workshops
  • Watch the “Path of Dreams”, talk about the power of dreams, with Angelina Ataíde, leader and founder of the Inkiri Piracanga Community
  • Participating in the Aarti every afternoon (Indian ritual of the Sachcha lineage)
  • Feed yourself every day with delicious and creative vegan meals
  • Live an experience of taking care of your body with biodegradable products
  • Practice the Rose Meditation guided every day (for beginners only)

As extras, you’ll also be able to:

  • Practicing Yoga in the morning (values per lesson or package)
  • Participating in Morning Meditation (voluntary contribution)
  • Receive some therapy, such as Aura Reading, Reiki and Massage (each therapy has its value)

Let’s start 2018 together, uniting Worlds and Dreams!

Schedule your arrival for January 18, as the Festival starts on that night!

Values ​​per person

Includes: course + accommodation and meals (from dinner on the day before the beginning of the course to the breakfast the day after the course ends)

  • Shared Dormitory Room (up to 10 people): R$ 1.532
  • Triple Room: R$ 1.937
  • Double Room: R$ 2.158
  • Single Room: R$ 2.711