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The School of Nature came from a dream: to transform Inkiri Piracanga into a large fruit forest. Today she is responsible for all the planning and ecological practices that structure Inkiri Piracanga, which is increasingly becoming a reference of eco-spiritual community in Brazil and in the world.

With the purpose of multiplying all the knowledge developed here, inspiring individuals to transition to a more sustainable world and preparing people to act in the transformation that the Planet asks for now, we have prepared an immersive 2 month program that unites the environmental management practices carried out The Inkiri Nature School, the rich opportunity to experience community life in Inkiri Piracanga and the range of knowledge and skills covered in the Gaia Education curriculum.

In this issue of Immersion, we have the novelty of the participants staying at the Inkiri Piracanga Center, a space usually dedicated to receiving those who come for a short retreat, creating a large community that will share the life and processes of self-transformation during these two months.

The Immersive Formation of the Nature School is a program that combines theoretical research with practical work and empowers individuals with the knowledge necessary for the sustainable redesign of their realities. During this immersive experience, we will approach four intrinsic dimensions of human experience: social, ecological, economic and worldview, through courses, various activities, self-knowledge, healing and spiritual purification through nature. An opportunity to integrate knowledge and experience permaculture and sustainability in all its dimensions.

Courses included:

  • Initiation in Reiki 1
  • Rose Meditation – Cleaning and Energy Purification
  • Practical Guide to the Ecological Human Being
  • Creation of Reality and Money
  • Journey of Circular Dances
  • Agroforestry and the Ecological Function of Man, with Jorge Ferreira
  • Practical Guide to the Ecological Human Being

Lectures and Experiences:

  • Dreams awake
  • Sleeping dreams
  • Animal Totem
  • Leadership
  • Renaissance Seminary
  • Collaborative Project Creation
  • Local Economy, Banks and Community Currencies
  • Learning Community and new models of education

Theoretical and practical contents:

  • Building Community and Embracing Diversity
  • Communication Tools and Conflict Resolution
  • Ecovillage Movement
  • Conscious Consumption
  • Reconnect with Nature
  • Conscious Food and Integral Health
  • Ethics and Principles of Permaculture
  • Ecological water management: treatment systems
  • Ecological management of soils: creation and conservation of soils
  • Organic Waste Management: Drying and Composting
  • Organic Waste Management: Drying and Composting
  • Identification of PANCS and Edible Gardens
  • Food Production: Agroforestry and Suspension Gardens
  • Biodegradable Products: Cosmetics and Home Care
  • Bioconstruction: natural materials and techniques
  • Awakening and Transformation of Consciousness: Practices of Meditation
  • Art as Social Transformation: Music, Circus and Circular Dances

Check out in the video below what is the Immersive Formation of the School of Nature


Participants have 6 to 8 hours of daily activities, 5 times a week with two free days, in which they can enjoy all the beauty and tranquility that the region provides, take care of their personal tasks and participate in other Inkiri projects. It includes weekly sharing guided by the guardians of the Inkiri Nature School, educational videos, meditation practices, 2 hours of selfless service and moments of celebration.

Agreements with the Inkiri Community

  • In Inkiri Piracanga it is mandatory to use biodegradable hygiene and cleaning products that respect and conserve the region’s water table. A Plant! Inkiri, one of the Community’s projects, offers several product options that do not contaminate our waters.
  • Smoking, drug use and alcohol are not allowed.
  • The food at the Centro Inkiri Piracanga is vegetarian, that is, the consumption of any type of meat is not allowed.
  • Each participant must bear all of their costs during the program.
  • It is not allowed to camp in the region of Piracanga.
  • Participants are not allowed to enroll in other courses and retreats that are not in the program, except when the facilitators agree. This agreement aims to protect the development process that will be open with each participant and the facilitator is the one who has the overview of how to conduct this process in a more beneficial way.

All rules and agreements aim at the well-being of all!

The Inkiri Center

The Inkiri Center is where all program participants will live. The center is on the banks of the Piracanga river, right on the seafront, and is the most beautiful part of the community, where are the hollows, the restaurant, the Acaí do Mar, the Permaculture Center and the accommodations that the participants will receive.

Restaurant – The holistic center’s vegan restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner six days a week and uses the billing system per kilo.

Transportation – the service operates in the stretches from / to Itacaré, Serra Grande and Ilhéus. Values ​​and schedules should be made through the e-mail transportes@inkiri.com.

Internet – Inkiri Center has wireless network and offers daily, weekly or monthly packages (R $ 5, R $ 20 and R $ 50, respectively).

Courses, therapies and other activities can be hired separately at the reception during free hours.

Note: Children 5 to 15 years old are also welcome and will have their own immersion program to receive them in this period – the Earth Keepers. If you want to bring children, write only for the program you intend to enroll and specify this information.


Other activities available at the Inkiri Piracanga Center for all program participants are:

  • Yoga – 6am (from Monday to Saturday | value to check)
  • Guided Rose Meditation – 7am (open daily for beginners and free)
  • Sound Meditation – 8:30 am (Monday to Saturday | open and free)
  • Aarti da Sachcha Lineage – 6pm (every day open and free)
  • Circular Dances (open and free – days and times announced in the programs)
  • Broadcast of Satsangs of Sri Prem Baba – Sundays 4pm (open and free)


Six weekly lunches are included in the program fee and take place at the Holistic Center restaurant.

All other meals are the responsibility of the participants or can be purchased in the same restaurant, open from Tuesday to Sunday. If you choose accommodation without a kitchen, check the separate meal package.

In addition, Acai do Mar is a great choice for a mid-afternoon vegan snack. The Inkiri Foods is one more of the options and offers the Green Juices and Detox in the morning. In the afternoon and evening, the Shake’s tent offers functional, sweet and savory shakes. Inkiri Food also has Detox Day on Mondays.

In the ecovillage there is an emporium with whole and dry foods and the community receives fairs with fruits, vegetables and vegetables 3 times a week.

VALUES | Program + Accommodation + lunches 6 times a week

Types of Accommodations

With kitchen *

Double: BR$ 5.600

Triple: BR$ 5.400

* The accommodations include a stove and sink, as well as utensils so guests can prepare their own meals in mini kitchens.

Without kitchen *

Single Room: BR$ 6,500

Double Room: BR$ 5,200

Triple Room: BR$ 5,000

Dormitory (up to 6 people): BR$ 4,700

* For accommodations without a kitchen, meals not included in the package can be made in the options described in the item “Food” above.

Discount of 5% in the value of Immersion for confirmed registrations until June 16.

Payment methods

The amount can be paid in installments via bank deposit, but must be paid in full before arrival in Inkiri Piracanga.

*** In the case of withdrawal after the start of the program, there will be no refunds, as their registration implies the reservation of a vacancy.

To consult values for 1 month of program, between August 16 to September 15, send an email to escoladanatureza@inkiri.com

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