In this initiation course you will learn the Roses Meditation techniques. The Roses Meditation is an active meditation with simple visualizations. It is a powerful tool for cleaning your energy and protecting your aura.

There are many kinds of energy around us: the energy of people, of traumas, of situations, of thoughts, among other kinds, most of which do not belong to us. However, since we are in touch with them without being aware of how to protect our own aura, we may absorb everything like a sponge. Difficulty arises when we identify ourselves with it, believing it is our energy. In this case, we start living in confusion and with illusory programs inside of us, and we even reach the point of not being able to truly identify who we are.

Energy protection and cleaning give us the key to start living with our own energy and, thus, getting closer to manifesting in our lives what we truly are!

Values ​​per person

Includes: course + accommodation and meals (from dinner on the day before the beginning of the course to the breakfast the day after the course ends)

  • Shared Dormitory Room (up to 10 people): BR$ 320
  • Triple Room: BR$ 390
  • Double Room: BR$ 420
  • Single Room: BR$ 520