10.19.2017 - 11.08.2017

In our lives we come to a time when we really ask ourselves who we are and where we are walking, where we feel ready to cross the desert in search of freedom, we feel a deep desire to heal ourselves of the pain and weight we carry, Where courage gives us wings to jump into the unknown …

If you feel that way then, maybe this retreat is that leap into the unknown you seek!

And to walk together in these 21 days you have to give yourself to this call with confidence and courage, to want to find this Truth of your being, that hides behind so many illusions and programs.

This is one of the ways that leads us to meet ourselves very simply. Where we discover that we do not need so much that we believe we need, that we have everything within us … in the silence of this Way of Love.

I’ve done 3 retreats like this and all 3 have changed my existence, so I honor and love you, and also for this, I offer to guide you through this great adventure of 21 days.

These are very intense days and a lot of inner discovery, a lot of cleaning and purification, healing and liberation, so it takes a lot of courage and determination!

“An instant of inner silence is enough to completely change your mind and consequently to change your energy, your body chemistry, your emotions and your mood. In other words, an instant of silence is enough to change your reality. So I pray that you will discover this great power which is silence; So you can experience it and make use of it. ”
Sri Prem Baba

In practice, the 21 days are divided into 3 parts:

1. In the first 7 days, one crosses the desert, in silence and with daily shares.
2. In the next 7 days, silence continues and fluid fasting begins, walking intensely through the emotions, with daily sharing.
3. The last seven days, still in silence and liquid fasting, are for each person to integrate and root everything that has lived so deeply.

Facilitator: Angelina Ataide
Angelina Ataíde is dedicated to the work of self-knowledge and transformation of society for more than twenty years, since when she lived in Portugal. After he founded the Holistic Center in Piracanga his work became potent and helped many other people. Nowadays, besides being leader of the Inkiri community, Angelina is also a therapist, teaches self-knowledge courses and lectures. Angelina leads movements so that people can be free and thus can create the bases to realize their dreams.

Price: R$3.685


  • The guiding of the process
  • Accommodation
  • The feeding days
  • 1 reading aura
  • 1 ecological hygiene kit
  • 1 writing and drawing bag kit