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“Inkiri” is a greeting used by a tribe who lived for many years here in the Piracanga region of the Maraú Peninsula (BA), and means “Love in me welcomes love in you”. It inspires our dream: to recognize and manifest the Love and Truth that exists in us, in all places.

We are an intentional community committed to the realization of this dream, which is formed by about 40 adults and 18 children and adolescents. We dedicate ourselves to our self-knowledge and offer the tools we use to those who come to participate in our courses, retreats and programs.

Today, most members of the community have the humanitarian leader Sri Prem Baba as spiritual master. Therefore, we are increasingly aligned with the movement he created, Awaken LOVE.

A líder da Comunidade Inkiri é Angelina Ataíde, fundadora da ecovila de Piracanga e da Comunidade Inkiri. Foi o sonho de infância de Angelina, de criar um mundo de felicidade sem sofrimento, que abriu as portas para estarmos hoje movimentando o Sonho Inkiri.

The leader of the Inkiri Community is Angelina Ataíde, founder of the Ecovillage of Piracanga and the Inkiri Community. It was Angelina’s childhood dream of creating a world of happiness without suffering, which opened the door for us to be moving the Inkiri Dream today.

Inkiri community gathered for our family photo “2017 version”

Effective Members of the Inkiri Community

(last update: 23 / FEB / 2018)

 Analu Angelina 3 Beto Bruno 2 Celeste  FNC_5908 FNC_5909 Francisco Franco Fred 3  Gabi Chavantes Gaby Unibazo Inti 2 Iris  Karina 1       Maxi 1   Pablo Paulina Pedro Rael 2 Rafa Silvina 3    Vanessa 1 Zaida

  • Ana Patrícia Fernandes Faria
  • Ana Luiza Caldas (Analu)
  • Angelina Ataíde
  • Bruno Tambellini
  • Celeste Chiarotti
  • Diego Matar Wawrzeniak
  • Francisco Diez
  • Frederico Behrends
  • Gabriela Chavantes
  • Gabriela Unibazo
  • Janaína Riccioppo
  • José Luís Ataíde
  • Juliana Faber
  • Karina Clark Barcellos Dias
  • Lucas André Ariza Rotta
  • Maíra Sagnori de Mattos
  • Maurício Castillo Ocampo
  • Maximo Fassi Lavalle
  • Ornella Ganduglia
  • Pablo Jose Caceres Iriarte
  • Paulina Romaniello
  • Pedro Luis de Almeida Camilo
  • Peggy Jeanne Marie Mars
  • Prem Advayat (Thomas Bisinger)
  • Rael Soares de Godoy
  • Rafael Eiji Yamada
  • María del Rosario Gómez Saavedra
  • Roberto Madureira (Betão)
  • Silvina Dayan
  • Vanessa Ruiz Batista
  • Zaida Sampayo

A brief history of the ancient Inkiri Tribe

The lost stories of humanity are told that there was a time when all beings lived free, happy, peaceful and connected with nature because they recognized themselves as part of it. At that time, on the banks of the Piracanga river, there lived an indigenous tribe who greeted himself saying “inkiri”. A greeting that, like different words in different cultures, meant “Love in me welcomes Love in you.”

In this tribe, people of all ages lived in harmony. The children were free: they could play and develop, always under the care of all adults. Young people dedicated their gifts and talents to express themselves and materialize everything their hearts asked of them. And the elders contributed all their wisdom and experience to the support of the tribe. Each had its role and lived in simple, united and with a lot of love.

There, there was no judgment, and joy and spontaneity reigned. They laughed at their own mistakes and lived the present moment without attachments, without nostalgia or future plans that would take them out of their natural state of peace.

About 700 years ago, the Inkiri tribe ceased to exist in this way, but not without first impressing every piece of land through which the leave the legacy of simplicity, nature and Love.

We of the Inkiri Community have chosen to inspire us in this story! Our idea is not to recreate the same life they had, but to honor their teachings and work so that today, in our way of life, we can find the ways that lead us back to the Union.