At the Inkiri Piracanga Center our focus is on courses, retreats and meetings aimed at self-knowledge spiritual work. We offer accommodation options for those who want to visit the Inkiri Center, the Inkiri Community and its projects. However, the whole structure is primarily aimed at our main focus.

Fees (including breakfast, lunch and dinner) – Vegan food

  April, May, June, August, September, October and November    
Individual R$ 275    
Double R$ 200    
Triple R$ 170    
Dormitory R$ 115    
  January, February, March, July, December    
Individual R$ 325    
Double R$ 245    
Triple R$ 220    
Dormitory R$ 155    



  • The values above include: lodging and three daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for one person.
  • The Inkiri Center asks you to bring your own bed linen and towels. These may also be rented here for R$25.
  • Accommodation is in rooms with private bathrooms (exceptions are addressed below), beds and mosquito nets. Electricity in Piracanga comes primarily from solar power and therefore we do not offer air conditioning or fans in the rooms. Since rooms are located near the sea, there is a constant breeze.
  • Dorms are mixed-gender dorms with up to 10 beds, with 1 or 2 bathrooms.
  • We have 3 cabins in front of the river, each with three partitions, accommodating 3 people per partition, totalling 18 beds. Near these cabins, on the outside, there is a composting toilet and a hot shower that are shared among the three cabins. Each cabin also has one external cold shower and a faucet. The fee for the cabin is the same as for the dorm when the cabin is shared with other people, and the same as for the triple room if you want to be alone in one of the partitions.
  • Our restaurant is vegan. Its working hours are: breakfast (8am to 9am) lunch (12:30pm to 1:30pm) dinner (7pm to 8pm)
  • There are different packages for the week around New Year’s Eve. Prices are different (check with us).
  • Wi-fi access costs R$5,00 per day
  • Morning yoga is paid for separately (R$20 per class, R$150,00 for 10 classes, R$170 for one month).

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