Inkiri means “the Love in me greets the Love in you”.

This greeting translates the mission of acknowledging the love that exists in each and all of us, and everywhere. We believe that, in order to do this nowadays, more than our good intentions is needed. Action is necessary so that together we make come true the dream that mankind be free, happy and once again lives at peace in this planet!

Here at the Piracanga ecovillage we, from the Inkiri Community, intend to put all this into practice through projects that are connected to nature, education, self-knowledge, the arts and all our pillars. You may experience what we are doing here by coming to participate, for example, in courses, retreats and immersion programs. Learn about other ways to experience the Piracanga ecovillage by clicking here. We wish to share all that we are doing with you.

With love,

Inkiri Community

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How about visiting our home in a way you never imagined? Watch the clip and see Inkiri Piracanga from the sky. Di Rodrigo produced this video with images filmed by a drone. Now we all may feel what it is like to fly around here. Have fun!